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January 23 2009


Share tracks from timatio with OpenStreetMap!

We at are excited to announce the first version of our new OpenStreetMap feature: as registered user you can now opt-in and easily share your tracks with OpenStreetMap. 

Together with the track, timatio sends tags, descriptions and some track metrics to OpenStreetMap. Your track will help OSM mappers identifying new map objects and improving OpenStreetMap. Once you've re-posted your track to OSM, you'll see a link to your feature in OpenStreetMap on your timatio feature page. If you ever should decide to remove your track from timatio, it'll be removed from the OpenStreetMap database too.

We're currently working on extending that functionality. For comments, recommendations or requests, please feel free to contact us or just post your reactions here on
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New feature released: post your GPS tracks on timatio to OpenStreetMap
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January 18 2009


New OpenStreetMap features to come

Celebrating the completed OpenStreetMap in Vienna, we are currently working on features to support OpenStreetMap mappers especially in rural areas. 

Unlike urban areas, most rural regions are only covered by poor satellite imagery and the mapping community heavily depends on available GPS tracks. We hope can give a helping hand in some places.
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